Minneapolis doctor for truck rollover accident injuriesA commercial truck rollover accident occurs when a tractor-trailer tips over onto its side. This happens to approximately 15,000 trucks on U.S. highways each year, accounting for four percent of all truck crashes and 12% of all truck crash fatalities, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). 

Causes of Truck Rollover Accidents

According to our experienced Minneapolis car accident doctor, while some truck rollover wrecks are caused by road debris, uneven road surfaces, or dead animals, more such crashes result from negligence on the part of the truck driver or someone else:

Common Truck Rollover Crash Injuries

Any time a fully loaded 18-wheeler strikes a passenger car, the occupants of the smaller car are likely to sustain severe injuries. Rollover wrecks are among the most serious of truck crashes because a smaller vehicle can be crushed by the weight of a huge truck tipping over on top of it. If the victims in the passenger car are lucky enough to survive such a wreck, they’re likely to need immediate treatment from an experienced Minneapolis car accident doctor for painful musculoskeletal injuries: 

  • Sciatica
  • Numbness of the feet or legs
  • Sore/swollen muscles
  • Whiplash and other neck injuries
  • Spinal injuries/back pain
  • Chest pain from cracked ribs
  • Hip and knee pain
  • Blurry vision/headaches
  • Arm/shoulder pain
  • Dislocation or hyperextension of joints
  • Pinched nerves

Your Minneapolis car accident doctor can utilize natural methods of treatment like spinal adjustment and physical manipulation to reduce or alleviate the pain caused by one or more such injuries. You will be given no synthetic/chemical medication, which can have negative side effects and possibly lead to addiction. 

Documentation of Injuries

Seeing a Minneapolis car accident doctor immediately after your accident also provides you with documentation of your injuries, which you will need when you file an insurance claim to cover the cost of your treatment. Even if you don’t have health insurance, your car insurance policy includes personal injury protection (PIP) that covers your medical expenses in Minnesota, which is a no-fault insurance state. 

Have You Been Hurt in a Truck Rollover Accident in the Twin Cities? Contact Our Minneapolis Car Accident Doctor Right Now!

An experienced, Minneapolis car accident doctor can document your injuries and treat your pain. If you need further attention from another healthcare professional, our free referral service can arrange it immediately. Please contact us online or call 763-251-PAIN today to consult a truck accident doctor. 

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