Saint Paul car accident doctor for blind spot injuriesAccording to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are more than 800,000 blind spot car accidents in the U.S. every year. Merging into traffic or changing lanes without using mirrors or turning your head to check blind spots can lead to:

Such accidents commonly occur on Interstate highways, in traffic circles/roundabouts, and in other high-traffic areas where vehicles commonly merge and change lanes.

Preventing Blind Spot Crashes

Safe driving habits and some special accessories can reduce the likelihood of blind spot wrecks:

  • Adjusting mirrors to reduce the size of blind spots
  • Using special blind spot and convex mirrors designed to make blind spots more visible
  • Slowing down and checking blind spots carefully, rather than speeding up, when merging or changing lanes
  • Turning your head to look at your blind spot when merging or changing lanes

Because of their size, semi tractor-trailers have even more and larger blind spots than normal passenger vehicles do. For example, a truck driver can’t see the angle formed by the trailer and cab when the truck swings wide to make a turn. It’s particularly important to be aware of these blind spots when merging or changing lanes near an 18-wheeler. 

Blind Spot Accident Injuries

If you’re hurt in a blind spot accident, you’re likely to sustain one or more of the following injuries:

Such injuries can cause extreme pain and discomfort, making it very difficult for you to carry out your normal daily activities. Seeing a car accident doctor as soon as possible is the best way to alleviate your pain.

Treat a Blind Spot Injury by Visiting Our Saint Paul Car Accident Doctor

An experienced Saint Paul car accident doctor can both treat and document your specific injuries. If you need help finding a suitable healthcare professional, our free referral service can provide it without delay. Contact us online or call 763-251-PAIN to consult a car accident doctor today. 

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