3 Most Common Symptoms of WhiplashWhiplash is a unfortunate, but very common, injury caused by a car accident. Here in the Twin Cities, and surrounding suburbs like Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center, Champlin and Maple Grove, we know all to well about car accidents, and fortunately, our experienced Saint Paul car accident doctor specializes in these types of injuries.

When Do Whiplash Injuries Occur

According to our Saint Paul car accident doctor, whiplash injuries usually occur when the car is hit from the rear side. However, practically speaking, it can happen in whichever direction a car is hit from.  The sudden impact of the car produces a mild to severe sprain in the neck.  A whiplash injury is not relevant to the speed, size, or intensity of collision. Sometimes, a person may get a whiplash injury due to a mild jolt, while in other cases people have escaped from getting a whiplash even in extreme accidents.

When Do Your Symptoms Begin to Appear

Symptoms of a whiplash after a car accident in Saint Paul, MN, might appear right after the accident, or they may take time up to several hours or days, and sometimes, even years. If symptoms appear soon after the accident, then they are considered a serious cause of concern.

A whiplash injury damages soft tissue, tendons, and muscles of the neck, and spine. After the human body undergoes an extreme abnormal movement of the head and neck, it involuntarily tightens its muscles to give support to the head. To identify the injured part of your neck exactly, you must get a detailed chiropractic check up with an experienced Saint Paul car accident doctor. It is also important to note that a whiplash injury does not appear on an X-ray.

3 Most Common Symptoms of Whiplash After a Car Accident

While whiplash injuries obtained in a car accident can vary, there are three main types of whiplash symptoms that commonly appear. According to our Saint Paul car accident doctor, they are: 

1.  Pain or stiffness in the neck

2.  Headache

3.  Lower back pain

The source of the pain in such an injury is the neck area. Tenderness or swelling can occur in the neck because of a whiplash. Spasms frequently occur in the vertebral column, hence affecting the lower back area. Headaches sometimes occur spasmodically, and sometimes constantly. The center of headaches keeps shifting from one point to another, usually towards the shoulder. The headache feels like tension headaches, with severe pain behind the eyes.

Other Whiplash Symptoms That May Occur

Other Minor symptoms are less physical in nature, like dizziness, lack of concentration or focus, nausea, numbness in the arms, hands or legs, blurred vision, difficulty in swallowing, anxiety, fatigue. However, according to our Saint Paul car accident doctor, if the symptoms do not subside with even proper chiropractic care, then there are chances that these may develop into whiplash syndrome.  The condition of the patient becomes complex with various psychological disorders like trauma, fear, depression, and sense of being wronged. These factos hamper the recovery process.

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