left-turn car accident in MinnesotaIn collisions involving one car turning left and another going straight, the driver turning left is almost always at fault. A vehicle making a left turn at an intersection (with or without a traffic light or stop sign) must yield the right-of-way to oncoming cars going straight and to pedestrians crossing the street. There are only a few exceptions to this left-turn car accident rule:

  • The car turning left has a green arrow at a traffic light.
  • The car going straight is speeding.
  • The car going straight runs a red light or stop sign.
  • The car turning left begins its turn safely but is forced by another car or object to slow down, stop, or swerve in mid-turn.
  • The driver of the car going straight is violating the law in some way.

Comparative Fault in Left-Turn Car Collisions in Twin Cities

What do you mean by comparative fault? In Minnesota, if you’re found to be partially at fault for your accident, you may still file a claim to recover damages. As long as your percentage of fault is 50% or less, your award will be reduced by your percentage of fault. If, however, you are found more than 50% at fault, you cannot recover any damages at all. This is just one reason why your first step after seeing a doctor should be finding an attorney to prove the other driver was completely or primarily at fault in your accident.

If you’re the driver of the car going straight, the left-turning driver’s insurance company will try to prove that you were partially at fault in one of the ways listed above. Your attorney can show that you were not at fault by:

  • Investigating your accident
  • Presenting evidence from the scene
  • Reconstructing the accident with the help of an expert
  • Getting statements from any witnesses to the crash

If you’re the driver of  a left-turn car accident, you need an attorney even more because the odds are against you. Left-turning drivers are almost always at fault. Your case depends on your attorney’s showing that the driver of the car going straight was at least 50% responsible for your accident.

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