When the other driver ran a red light and hit your car, your life changed in an instant. You are now in constant pain and can’t work. You are upset and angry that the other driver hasn’t been made to pay for your suffering. Isn’t that what insurance policies are supposed to do? Unfortunately, you don’t stand a chance against an insurance adjuster who has years of experience denying claims to save his company money. But we can help you find the experts you need to stand up to the insurance company and demand what you deserve.

We Fight for Victims of All Types of Accidents

It seems like there are more cars out on the roads than ever these days. While you are just trying to get to work, other people are speeding, driving recklessly, and using their cell phones while driving. In Minneapolis and St. Paul, you could easily be involved in any of the following types of crashes:

  • Car. Most of the vehicles on the road in our area are passenger cars. Car crashes occur for a number of reasons, including the driver being distracted, fatigued, or even drunk or on drugs. While high-speed crashes can be fatal, even minor fender-benders can cause injuries that can plague you for years.
  • Truck. The commercial semi-trucks that pass through our area have the potential to cause devastating crashes. When truck drivers have been on the road for hours, they can lose focus on their driving and cause an accident. If a commercial truck has mechanical problems like bad brakes and worn tires, the driver may not be able to prevent an accident.
  • Motorcycle. You may choose to ride a motorcycle because it is less expensive to own and operate than a car, but when a car or truck fails to see you and causes you to crash, your medical bills could be astronomical. You deserve the same treatment as the driver of a car when you have been in an accident, and we can make sure you get it.
  • Pedestrian. As long as you are crossing the road where you are supposed to, you cannot be blamed if you are hit by a car. Distracted drivers can run through stop signs, pedestrian crosswalks, and even run off the road altogether, putting the lives of pedestrians in great danger. If you are hit while walking in the Twin Cities area, you need medical attention and legal representation.
  • Bicycle. Many people find biking to be a cheap and efficient way to get around, but biking can be dangerous in the Twin Cities, especially when bikers are trying to share the road with drivers who are in a hurry or not paying attention to the road. If you are hit by a car while riding your bike, call us for help as soon as possible.

How We Can Help

If you are seriously injured in any kind of vehicle accident in the Twin Cities, get medical help immediately. Your next step should be to call us. We will be sure you are seen by an injury specialist and that a lawyer hears your story. And you will owe them no money until we are able to successfully settle your case. Call 763-251-PAIN to speak to LOCAL accident experts as soon as possible after your crash. We are here to help you!