Minnesota Bicycle Accident Attorney and Doctor Referrals

Bicycle accidents can take many forms, but all carry a risk of severe injury. Seeking prompt medical attention for your injuries is the best way to prevent complications. Additionally, a personal injury attorney may be able to help you receive compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering due to the actions of a negligent driver.

Regardless of whether you're a recreational cyclist or someone who relies on biking for a primary mode of transportation, it's important to be aware of the common types of bike accidents and how they can occur—and how to get the help you need if you are hurt.

7 Common Types of Bike Accidents

  1. Accidents at Stop Signs. Accidents at stop signs can occur when the cyclist has the right-of-way on a street without a stop sign and a driver approaching from a street that does have a stop sign pulls out after stopping because he doesn't see the cyclist.  
  2. Right-Turn Accidents. Right-turn bicycle accidents occur when another vehicle changes lanes or makes a right-hand turn at an intersection and cuts off or hits the bicycle. These accidents are among the most common because bicyclists travel on the right—between other vehicles and the side of the road—and the bicyclist often has no warning and nowhere to go.
  3. Left-Turn Accidents. Left-turn accidents generally happen when the bicyclist and driver approach the intersection from opposite directions. When they enter the intersection, the driver turns left and collides with the cyclist. This is most often because the driver doesn't see the cyclist or has misjudged the bike's speed.
  4. Open-Door Accidents. Open-door accidents occur when a driver opens his car door and does not realize that a bicyclist is approaching. This type of accident can occur due to inattentive or careless drivers, as well as drivers being parked too close to the traffic lane. Open-door accidents can sometimes lead to crashes with poles, trees, or other objects if the cyclist tries to take last-minute evasive action to avoid crashing into the car door.
  5. Cargo Accidents. Vehicles that are transporting cargo that is not properly secured can cause accidents when debris falls off the vehicle and strikes the cyclist or lands in his path. The severity of this accident depends on the size of the cargo that falls from the vehicle, but serious injuries can result.
  6. Backover Accidents. Backover accidents occur when a driver is pulling out a driveway, alley, or parking lot and does not see a cyclist. Often, the cyclist is a young child who does not fully realize the danger a backing vehicle poses.
  7. Drunk Driving Accidents. It's easy for intoxicated drivers to fail to see a bicyclist in time to avoid a collision, due to a bike's smaller profile. Drunk driving accidents involving cyclists most often occur during the evening or early morning hours. Further, drunk drivers may flee the scene to avoid being charged with a DUI. Hit-and-run accidents can have the most serious consequences since immediate medical attention is vital when a bicyclist has been injured.

Get the Bicycle Accident Compensation You Deserve

Bicycle accidents in the Twin Cities can cause serious or permanently disabling injuries, leading to a financial burden in the form of lost wages and medical bills. However, help is available. Call 763-251-PAIN to be connected with a car accident professional who can help you find a qualified doctor to treat your injuries and a lawyer who can assist you in filing a personal injury claim for your accident-related expenses.