car accident lawyer referral MinnesotaAfter an accident and injury, you may be feeling overwhelmed, in pain, unable to work, and concerned about an uncertain future. You may wonder if you need to see a doctor or call a lawyer. Like many victims, though, you could be hesitant to undertake a legal claim. It’s understandable. Accident victims often have little experience with the law, and they don’t know what to expect. Here, our #1 Minnesota car accident lawyer referral service provides some much-needed information about the process that can help you feel confident moving forward.

Understanding the Process for an Injury Claim in the Twin Cities

While every case is unique, injury claims generally follow the same legal process. Some steps may be quick, and others may take more time depending on the details of your particular case.

Typically, a claim in Minnesota involves:

  • Calling for a FREE Minnesota car accident lawyer referral
  • Consultation with an attorney
  • Investigation of accident and medical record review
  • Delivery of demand letter to insurance company
  • Settlement negotiations.
  • Filing of lawsuit
  • Discovery process
  • Mediation and negotiation
  • Trial

It’s important to note that many cases will not progress all the way to a trial. A claim can be resolved at different points in the process. In some cases, it may be possible to reach a settlement agreement quickly, while others may require a full trial. By calling for a free Minnesota car accident lawyer referral, we can put you in touch with the attorney best suited for your particular case.

Factors That Affect the Length of a Minnesota Car Accident Injury Case 

Each step of a personal injury case can take various amounts of time, depending on the complexities of the claim. Some factors that affect how long your case will take include:

  • Nature of injuries. More severe, complex injuries typically require more time to investigate and evaluate.
  • Evidence of liability. In some cases, fault is clear and all parties can move forward quickly. In other cases, opposing sides will dispute liability, attempting to shift blame onto the victim.
  • Jurisdiction. Jurisdiction is simply where the claim will be handled. Busier locations may mean a lengthier legal process.
  • Insurance company. Different insurance companies and their representatives have different approaches to handling a claim. Your case could be affected by the at-fault driver’s specific company.
  • Amount of damages. Typically, when more money is involved, the claim will progress more slowly. Damages are based on the nature of the injuries, however, and often these are the victims who are most in need of compensation for medical bills and lost wages.

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