Whiplash? Car accidents are the leading cause.  While whiplash injuries are often sustained in car accidents, this is hardly the only culprit.  Here are some other causes of whiplash and neck injuries:


- Bicycles




Imagine you are riding on your bicycle and Wham! a car comes into your lane, you slam on your brakes.  Thanks to your quick reaction you avoid being hit by the car.  But! now your neck and back hurt from the violent experience. You go to your local chiropractor, where you are diagnosed with whiplash.


Symptoms of whiplash include:

-Stiffness in neck and or shoulders

-Neck pain




Once whiplash is diagnosed, get chiropractic care and treatment. The above symptoms do not always show up right away. Putting off treatment of this injury can lead to debilitating, life long pain and suffering.

Don't wait any longer.  Whiplash is a serious neck injury and you should be treated and compensated for your pain and suffering.  Do not worry, contact us at 763-251-PAIN and we can help you on to the road of recovery.