After getting rear-ended in a car accident, a lot of patients end up with neck, back, and headache pain.  If your twin city chiropractor tells you that you have sustained a cervical strain, is that the same a whiplash?  Absolutely it is!

It only takes a blink of the eye and Wham! You have just been in a Car Accident.  So many twin city drivers know all to often the pain from it. All of a sudden, your head is thrown backwards, slamming it into the headrest, then your head snaps forward like a slingshot, sometimes at speeds more than twice as fast as the car's actual speed.

In a low-speed, rear end crash, your head can be subjected to a force of 30 times the force of gravity.  This means your head can be thrown around with 240 pounds of force. High speed impacts result in greater force.  The whiplash stretches and tears at your muscles, ligaments and tendons. That is why we are here.  763-251-PAIN can refer you to a doctor who knows how to treat car crash patients. Twin Cities, we are here for you!