Vehicles have become tremendously less dangerous over the years, but these improvements focus on the upper body.  However, many of the very painful as well as costly accidents cause knee injuries.

Just about the most prone lower body elements inside a significant vehicle accident are the knees.  Not only is the knee fragile, but its distance to the dashboard insures it is prone to severe injury.  The joint is a lot more of the general term for that ligaments and bones that define the link between the thigh (femur) minimizing leg (tibia as well as fibula).  The actual makeup of the knee permits excellent flexibility, but in a traumatic accident the knee is highly compromised.  Car crashes tend to be the most frequent causes of joint accidental injuries as the force that's developed in a high-speed accident can do serious harm to the particular cartilage material and bone fragments.  As is the case with many car crash injuries, the actual injury grows more severe if the car owner tenses up before impact.  When this happens the actual bone fragments, tendons and also suspensory ligaments are required to handle all the strain from the car crash rather than allowing your muscles to accept the jolt.

Many leg accidental injuries affect the ligaments within the knee.  The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), MCL (medial collateral ligament), and also PCL (posterior cruciate ligament).  The most commonly hurt joint is the ACL, which is hurt 70% of the time in a car crash.  Automobile accidents can cause harm to the ACL through making simple contact within the car. The PCL is generally wounded with contact to the dashboard. An injury to your knee from a car crash needs to be diagnosed by a properly trained chiropractor, who knows about car accident injuries.  If you have suffered knee damage in a Brooklyn Park Minnesota Car crash, then you will need to call 763-251-PAIN. We will help guide you through the process of proper care and management of your car crash.