Shoulder injuries in a car accident in Brooklyn Park Minnesota are on the rise. The shoulder is violently injured by the jerking movements that occur in a car accident.  The shoulder straps are the culprit. Shoulder injuries are also related to the neck being snapped back and forth.  Wham!!  you were having a great day, when to no -fault of your own somebody hits your car. Your neck hurts, your shoulder wont move properly to open your door.  Understanding more about shoulder injuries is vital, it will allow you to recognize them quickly and seek treatment to prevent further discomfort and possible life altering issues with your shoulder.

Causes of Shoulder Pain in Brooklyn Park Minnesota

In a car crash shoulder pain can be caused in three main ways. The first is as a result of neck injury, from the violent whiplash motion of the cervical vertebrae, muscles, ligaments and tendons, which are all connected to the shoulder. Our bodies are broken into different parts, such as the neck, low back, hips, but it is all one unit, each part connected, making us a whole connected unit.

The next cause is direct damage to the shoulder from impact during the crash. This causes immediate pain and is easily recognized.

The last cause is from whiplash. Whiplash is usually associated with the neck, but it can cause pain in the shoulders as well. It may not cause pain right away after the crash, but may develop over time.


Shoulder injuries are usually found through an X-ray or MRI. Most shoulder injuries are not severe and merely require conservative treatment. Chiropractic has been helping shoulder sufferers for many, many years and is non surgical non drug treatment of choice for shoulder pain caused by a car crash. The earlier treatment is sought for a shoulder injury, the better. Early recognition of a shoulder injury and early treatment help to insure the problem is cared for correctly and prevents further damage from occurring. You should always make sure that any chiropractic care you receive is documented and that you keep a copy for your records.

What to do After an Accident

Since some shoulder injuries may not develop symptoms right away it is always smart to have a complete chiropractic check up following the accident.  Always exchange information with the other driver.  You should get their name, address, cell phone, insurance information and license. You want to document everything about the accident so that any shoulder injury found in the future can be linked to the accident.  If you suffer from a car related injury please feel free to call us at 763-251-PAIN, we are your Brooklyn Park Minnesota advocates.