Refusing medical treatment at scene of car accidentIt’s very important to always seek medical care when you’ve been involved in any type of car accident. The confusion and chaos of the scene, as well as the rush the body experiences in an accident often mask injury symptoms. Victims may think they feel fine right away, but hours, days, or even weeks later, they may begin to experience symptoms related to the crash. Getting checked out right away ensures that both your physical health and future legal claim are protected.

If you were in an accident and refused care, you may have made your claim a little more difficult, but all hope is not lost. Learn more about what to do now and how to protect your legal rights.

You’ve Started Experiencing Injury Symptoms, What Now?

The first thing to do is seek care now. As soon as you begin experiencing injury symptoms, see a doctor or other health care provider who can fully evaluate your condition. Make sure you tell them about the accident and describe any symptoms you may have been feeling since, even if you aren’t sure it’s important.

Some victims fail to obtain treatment because they are worried about how they will pay the medical bills, but a successful injury claim will likely cover the cost of your medical treatment. Many providers understand the situation, and they are willing to work with accident victims to ensure they get the care they need.

An Experienced Attorney Can Help Protect Your Rights

While it is best to seek care right away, it is still possible to file a legal claim for care and compensation even if you refused medical treatment initially. The insurance company or opposing lawyers may argue that the lack of immediate care proves there were no injuries sustained in the accident, but there are ways to demonstrate the severity of your injuries and their relationship to the crash. An experienced lawyer can help accident victims build a strong claim and tell their compelling story.

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